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I'm Ego, a technically minded guy living in Austria. I occasionally do stuff on the internet and enjoy solving interesting problems which is one of the reasons I am with Whonix.

New Whonix Installer Release

About a year ago, the first version of the Whonix Installer for Windows was made available to the public. Since then, there has been a continuous effort to find ways to make the process simpler, more reliable and less taxing for computers

Whonix Livestream 17.June.2017 – Let’s talk Reality Winner

I’ve just wrapped up the third monthly Patreon Live Stream. This time I covered the Reality Winner leaks, what kind of mistakes were done by the Intercept as well as her and why these leaks are going to have a

2nd Patreon Stream Now Public – Let’s talk Quantum

I’ve just wrapped up the second monthly Patreon Live Stream, this time sadly without Patrick, due to an error on my part. This time I covered quantum computing, its threats for current encryption and verification standards and what it is

Livestream NOW!

Patrick and I are going stream ourselves NOW under this address: If you’d like to join us, we’d be very grateful. Furthermore, this will be our first Patreon Stream. If you want to support us on Patreon, click here.

Public Livestream on 14th of April at 8PM CEST and Patreon

Whonix is a project which requires a lot of dedication, passion and time to be properly maintained. Especially Patrick has sacrificed a huge part of his live to making a fail-safe way to use Tor accessible to as many people

[Release] Whonix-Installer and UI

Disclaimer: Please remember that Windows is NOT a secure host operating system for a variety of reasons. This Installer was mainly created to make it easy for people to experience Whonix first hand without the requirement of installing an entirely new

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