Author: HulaHoop

Security Fixes and Transparency of Free Software

Within a day there has been a raft of some major security bug reports coming in on. A summary: – Bash bug that allows remote arbitrary execution of malicious input – RSA Signature Forgery in NSS – FireFox’s crypto-library –

A Vulnerable Internet, Carrion for Spooks

HACIENDA is the latest program to be uncovered in this week’s reporting. It is a collaborative program between FIVE EYES Intelligence agencies to scan for and infect computers outside their borders. You don’t have to be a target to be

Public Letter of Thanks to our Whistleblower Heroes

Independent news publisher ‘The Intercept’ that handles news stories based on Edward Snowden’s disclosures gives a hint of the existence of more than one Whistleblower who decided to step forward. This is further confirmed by the renown cryptographer Bruce Schneier,

Mentioning Privacy on the Internet is Illegal

Did you know that merely visiting the Tor website or any place where Linux, data anonymity,privacy or security is mentioned, is enough to earn you a place in a NSA database? Meaning our communications will be retained indefinitely in their

Coverage by

In a story about precautions to take against illegal, warrant-less surveillance, Whonix has been given special mention on – a major technology new site on the internet. I would like to thank our users who have spread the word.