Author: WhonixQubes

Pre-Release Audit of qubes-whonix 10.0.2-1

This announcement is pertaining to the Qubes + Whonix project for those interested in running Whonix on top of Qubes. We have a newly developed and proposed version (10.0.2-1) of the “qubes-whonix” package, which is the primary module that allows

Major Updates for Qubes + Whonix!

Hello everyone, WhonixQubes here. 😀 I wanted to finally update you on some major updates with the Qubes + Whonix platform that have been accomplished over the past few months. TLDR Summary: Qubes + Whonix is the seamless combination of

Qubes + Whonix 9 and more!

Since my original release of Qubes + Whonix back in late August 2014, some interesting developments have happened that I’m excited to share with everyone! Qubes + Whonix Primary Sources: ======================= The primary sources of Qubes + Whonix information are