bounty overview – March 2016

Get paid to work on programming tasks! Up to $ 3.000 USD per task.

List of bounties and details:

– Build Debian Packages from Source Code – $ 3.000 USD –

– make grsecurity kernel, grsecurity-installer work inside Whonix  – $ 400 USD –

– package paxrat for offical repository – $ 200 USD –

– bountysource/frontend – Add support for Phabricator – $ 200 USD –

Bounty too low? How to apply?

1) Go to specific bountysource tickets.
2) Click on “Developers”
3) Click on “Get Started”
4) Select Status “Bounty too low”
5) Enter your offer and press “Save”.

The bounty may then be increased by if realistic and sustainable.

If you have any questions, please get in contact.

Patrick started developing Whonix, the Anonymous Operating System in 2012, when quickly others joined efforts. He collected experiences working pseudonymous on Whonix for two years, enjoys collaboratively working on privacy preserving software.

Notable Replies

  1. Hi Patrick!!! I can build debian packages from source,at least I think I can I have zero experience from building from source sadly but if its easy i can do it for you you can either mentor me yourself on how to do it or if you think its best I can research on google and i would also never charge you or anything like that and I personally think we should be paying you for the countless of hours of hard work you put into this OS not the other way around.

    And its quite interesting you are choosing to attempt to make Grsecurity as our hardening software for the kernel,I think you made a great pick heres a comparison of the three major hardening softwares it might be outdated though but still Grsecurity has some good hardening features that make us security enthusiasts quite excited,what made you pick Grsecurity?I remember that Gresecurity was far too difficult to put into Debian so we decided to pick apparmor.

    Anyway Patrick take care!

  2. That’s super cool. If someone does the Grsec thing I am testing that for certain. I tried installing the debian unstable grsec kernel into jessie which was a failure due to package conflicts. I wish I had read these tickets I would have known there was already a package in debian-backports. (I compiled own kernel on debian in the past but had issues)

    I tried arch linux in the past to get grsecurity because it has a decent linux-grsec package, but the rest of the distro was so unstable (as in package breaking) I had to give it up. Debian unstable was also too unstable (as in package breaking and crashing) especially in a VM. Getting grsec into debian stable and whonix with a good paxctl set is the best outcome for everyone. I know also subgraph OS is doing that and Tails was interested, now I’m hopeful for debian…

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