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Opportunities to make Whonix better, to contribute are outlined here.

Bounty! $ 3.000 USD – Build Debian Packages from Source Code

Short: Ticket updated, shortened discussion here: On showing the $ 3000 USD bounty (with old lengthy discussion): Long: The old discussion got too lengthy. Since no one was working on the ticket… I restarted the discussion. Meaning,

Biometric Fingerprinting, Mass Surveillance and You

Tracking techniques have become more sophisticated with time. They advanced from simple cookies to browser/device fingerprinting (which Tor Browser focuses on defeating) to user behavior fingerprinting. The latter is about profiling how a user types on a keyboard or uses

Want a local backup of Whonix wiki contents?

Public for a long time, yet seemingly not found by anyone. mediawiki markup: mediawiki xml: git clone it. Fork it on github. Ideally keep it current. Test our instructions for replicating Help creating a Whonix backup

Whonix VirtualBox Paravirtualization – Which Acceleration Mode is Optimal? Help Wanted!

What will be the optimal paravirtualization setting for Whonix? none explicitly turns off exposing any paravirtualization interface sounds good security wise but could be really slow. Please test and leave feedback. minimal sounds like a worthwhile alternative if `none` is

gpg-bash-lib – gpg file verification bash library – first public release announcement – 0.5-1

gpg-bash-lib is a gpg file verification bash library, addresses comprehensive threat model, that covers file name tampering, indefinite freeze, rollback, endless data attacks, etc. Why? Writing bash scripts that do file verification using gpg that really is secure and

Contribute! Whonix Development Help Wanted! Check out the open Tasks on our new Issue Tracker!

Migration to our new phabricator bug tracker finished. Thanks to Jason Ayala who did most of the migration work! Whonix Development Help Wanted! Check out the list of all open issues (feature requests and bugs) that we would like seeing

Other Desktop Environments (New Wiki Entry)

Downloadable Whonix versions come with KDE installed by default. It is possible to uninstall KDE, although doing so is a bit difficult, especially if you want to uninstall all of it and/or to to use a CLI version and/or to

MAC Spoofing Development

Tails developers are working on MAC spoofing. If you care about this feature which might get used in Whonix some day. At least their thoughts on that topic are very valuable. You may be interested to join their Whonix unspecific