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Thoughts and news on the development of the Whonix anonymous operating system development.

General information on various clock sources such as tsc etc. by intel (Ignore the highly specific title.)

upcoming usability improvements that will hurt, TLS downloads, abolishing torrent downloads

Whonix website, especially downloading and getting started is so super secure that mortal users give up on it. Even friends of mine, who graduated from university and working as engineers are incapable of getting Whonix installed. My mission to make

Tails Installation Assistant – What do you think about it?

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) has now a Tails Installation Assistant. What do you think about it? Does it improve or worsen usability? I am wondering, if something like that would be useful for Qubes OS to ease download

Selected Papers in Anonymity – Anonymity Bibliography – Selected Papers in Anonymity

consolidating Whonix packages

There have been some complaints, that there are too many Whonix packages. Specifically by people auditing or trying to understand Whonix better. I think here is some valid and some invalid criticism. Nowadays seemlingly almost everyone is overworked. Attention spawns

automatically sharing blog posts everywhere

Blogging at Whonix blog now got a lot more convenient. It is really fun now. twitterfeed, a online service, is being used to automatically share blog posts to Whonix’s facebook page. The wordpress plugin wp-to-twitter is being used to simplify

Anon Connection Wizard / Bridge Wizard / Tor Launcher Clone

troubadour is working on a graphical Anon Connection Wizard. It will be a tor-launcher clone. Written in python. It can be used to express if you like to connect to the public Tor network or using Tor bridges. Here are

Whonix VirtualBox Paravirtualization – Which Acceleration Mode is Optimal? Help Wanted!

What will be the optimal paravirtualization setting for Whonix? none explicitly turns off exposing any paravirtualization interface sounds good security wise but could be really slow. Please test and leave feedback. minimal sounds like a worthwhile alternative if `none` is

AppArmor and Whonix

AppArmor (“Application Armor”) for better security. Current status of AppArmor and Whonix: – Non-Qubes-Whonix: We do enable apparmor by default for a while now. ( – Qubes-Whonix: requires some extra instructions to enable AppArmor, see: – Therefore The Tor

gpg-bash-lib – gpg file verification bash library – first public release announcement – 0.5-1

gpg-bash-lib is a gpg file verification bash library, addresses comprehensive threat model, that covers file name tampering, indefinite freeze, rollback, endless data attacks, etc. Why? Writing bash scripts that do file verification using gpg that really is secure and