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Download Page Changes

The Whonix download page was recently updated to reflect the supported platforms that have been available for some time. Please check it out:

Documentation Updates

The documentation on the wiki saw many changes lately. Thanks to all who contributed. Changelog:,_Proxy_Chains,_and_VPN_Services#Comparison_of_Tor_and_VPN_services

Whonix Project looking for Translations Coordinator

Whonix is an anonymous general purpose operating system based on Virtual Box, Debian GNU/Linux and Tor. It has its focus on anonymity, privacy, security and usability. The Whonix project is looking for a volunteer Translations Coordinator. Your task: Join us

bounty overview – May 2015

List of bounties and details: – Build Debian Packages from Source Code – $ 3.000 – – implement rads (ram adjusted desktop starter) systemd unit – $ 50 – – make grsecurity kernel, grsecurity-installer work inside Whonix  –

qubes-whonix – Whonix on top of Qubes – Looking for Maintainer!

WhonixQubes, the previous maintainer of qubes-whonix unfortunately resigned. qubes-whonix is the combination of Qubes and Whonix. What are the tasks of a maintainer? – answering questions in the forums – keeping the wiki up to date – testing of installation,

Whonix Anonymous Operating System Version 10 Released!

Whonix is an operating system focused on anonymity, privacy and security. It’s based on the Tor anonymity network, Debian GNU/Linux and security by isolation. DNS leaks are impossible, and not even malware with root privileges can find out the user’s

Pre-Release Audit of qubes-whonix 10.0.2-1

This announcement is pertaining to the Qubes + Whonix project for those interested in running Whonix on top of Qubes. We have a newly developed and proposed version (10.0.2-1) of the “qubes-whonix” package, which is the primary module that allows

towards a somewhat soon release of Whonix 10, postposting jessie/systemd support

For several reasons… 1) The TODO list for the release of Whonix 10 is getting smaller: 2) Since the changelog for Whonix 10 is quite long already (… 3) And because of “release early, release often”… 4) And due

Can’t start Tor Browser in Whonix?

Please ‘stay tuned‘, because you missed an important news: Bug: Tor Browser Alpha rather than Tor Browser Stable being installed by Tor Browser Updater (AnonDist) If you want to start the alpha anyhow, which is recommended against (rather get the

Major Updates for Qubes + Whonix!

Hello everyone, WhonixQubes here. 😀 I wanted to finally update you on some major updates with the Qubes + Whonix platform that have been accomplished over the past few months. TLDR Summary: Qubes + Whonix is the seamless combination of