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Announcing unMessage: a Next-Gen Tor Messenger

unMessage is an anonymous messenger that uses Tor to hide metadata of participants. Its still in early development, however a major new feature such as Tor-to-Tor audio chat (the first such implementation we are aware of) has been included. Major

Whonix featured on Tor blog Read about @whonix, based on Tor: Please donate to Tor, at the <3 of Internet freedom: — torproject (@torproject) December 27, 2016

combining Tor with a VPN or proxy can make you less anonymous

Using a VPN, proxy or SSH can can negatively affect anonymity under some circumstances. [1] [2] To explain why that is, some background information is required so you can draw conclusions and take actions to avoid this risk. See below.

testing refined Whonix logo

There will be a more detailed announcement later.

Qubes OS looking for developers!

The Qubes OS team is looking for several additional team members: Debian template manager stable release manager core developer You can read more in their posting. From my experience working with the Qubes OS team, they are easy to work

most encryption will be broken

In ~10 years Quantum Computers will break todays common asymmetric public-key cryptography algorithms used for web encryption (https), e-mail encryption (gnupg…), ssh and others. See Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQCrypto).

Whonix on distrowatch First impressions of Whonix Whonix offers bug bounties

Hardware Endorsed by the FSF

The Free Software Foundation endorses hardware that is Libre software friendly and respects your freedom and privacy. Take a look and consider supporting the OEMs behind these great projects:

good read on the linux security wrt to entropy / randomness

Whonix Signing Key Fingerprint mirrored on Social Media

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