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New functionality of Whonix will be described here.

New Whonix Installer Release

About a year ago, the first version of the Whonix Installer for Windows was made available to the public. Since then, there has been a continuous effort to find ways to make the process simpler, more reliable and less taxing for computers

meek_lite: A New Pluggable Transport in Whonix 14

meek_lite: A New Pluggable Transport in Whonix 14 Greetings Whonix users! The Whonix development team is thrilled to announce that a new pluggable transport called meek_lite will be available in Whonix 14. This blog post will briefly describe meek_lite and

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GSoC with Tor and Whonix: Anon-Connection-Wizard

Hello everyone! I am iry. As some of you have noticed, I have been working on an application called anon-connection-wizard as a Google Summer of Code(GSoC) project this year. I was under the mentor and help of the Whonix core

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Announcing unMessage: a Next-Gen Tor Messenger

unMessage is an anonymous messenger that uses Tor to hide metadata of participants. Its still in early development, however a major new feature such as Tor-to-Tor audio chat (the first such implementation we are aware of) has been included. Major

Using corridor, a Tor traffic whitelisting gateway with Qubes-Whonix

corridor is a Tor traffic whitelisting gateway. It is a filtering gateway. Not a proxying gateway. It can also be used as a BridgeFirewall. This is not necessarily more anonymous. It is an additional fail-save Tor traffic whitelisting firewall that

Qubes separate VPN-Gateway between anon-whonix and sys-whonix – Connecting to Tor before a VPN (User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet)

This is now documented here: Recommended order of reading: * 1) * 2) * 3)

Connecting to JonDonym before Tor (User -> JonDonym -> Tor -> Internet)

Testers only! As an exercise and proof of concept, I quickly put together a documentation chapter for Connecting to JonDonym before Tor (User -> JonDonym -> Tor -> Internet). Qubes-Whonix only! Non-Qubes-Whonix is unsupported. At the moment these instructions

‘sudo apt-get install whonix’ Part II

Many packages developed under the Whonix umbrella are independent packages in their own right and should be available to users whether they use Whonix directly or not. Another long term goal is bringing some of Whonix’s major software packages with

‘sudo apt-get install whonix’ Part I

The ability to install Whonix meta-packages packages from a repository is currently under heavy development and almost finished. With this announcement we ask that you consider donating to sustain and accelerate progress. How it Works: In two steps a user

upcoming usability improvements that will hurt, TLS downloads, abolishing torrent downloads

Whonix website, especially downloading and getting started is so super secure that mortal users give up on it. Even friends of mine, who graduated from university and working as engineers are incapable of getting Whonix installed. My mission to make