Category: Whonix New Features

New functionality of Whonix will be described here.

Anon Connection Wizard / Bridge Wizard / Tor Launcher Clone

troubadour is working on a graphical Anon Connection Wizard. It will be a tor-launcher clone. Written in python. It can be used to express if you like to connect to the public Tor network or using Tor bridges. Here are

Whonix Customization – Whonix Debian Packages – Wiki Page Updated

Interested in customizing Whonix? Want to know which Whonix Debian packages you can uninstall and how? Wiki page: Forum discussion:,708.0.html

MAC Spoofing Development

Tails developers are working on MAC spoofing. If you care about this feature which might get used in Whonix some day. At least their thoughts on that topic are very valuable. You may be interested to join their Whonix unspecific

Higher Screen Resolution without installing VirtualBox guest additions

An anonymous contributor suddenly found a solution to a long unsolved riddle.

Have you ever heard of the authentication feature of Tor hidden services?

How to decide which apps come with Whonix? – New design page.