towards a somewhat soon release of Whonix 10, postposting jessie/systemd support

For several reasons…

1) The TODO list for the release of Whonix 10 is getting smaller:

2) Since the changelog for Whonix 10 is quite long already (…

3) And because of “release early, release often”…

4) And due to the brokenness of tb-updater, the many security enhancements in Whonix 10 and fixes:,1070.0.html,939.0.html,810.0.html,595.0.html

Therefore… I am proposing,
– to finish the remaining Whonix 10 TODO, to get Whonix 10 out somewhat soon
– to move jessie and systemd support [+ stuff someone contributes until then] to release goal of Whonix 11
– to move most Whonix 11 release goals to Whonix 12

Earlier I stated the release goal for Whonix 10 “ready to be upgraded to Debian jessie”. After working on actual jessie and systemd stuff, I learned that this is not really possible. We can either build packages with dh_installinit for wheezy or dh_systemd for jessie. Having them compatible with both suites at once seems unjustifiably difficult. What we could do however would be building a jessie based Whonix 11 and making upgrading to jessie mandatory for that upgrade.

I’ve asked troubadour, if we can remove the Whonix 10 tag for,
– whonix-setup-wizard polishing ( and
– control-port-filter-python improvement (

What do you think about that plan? Is there anything you absolutely need/want to get merged in time for Whonix 10 – because otherwise everything would go evil – that you can eventually contribute before the rest of the Whonix 10 TODO is done?

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Patrick started developing Whonix, the Anonymous Operating System in 2012, when quickly others joined efforts. He collected experiences working pseudonymous on Whonix for two years, enjoys collaboratively working on privacy preserving software.