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Whonix VirtualBox Release Candidate 2 – Testers Wanted!

Download links can be found here: Testers Wanted! Release Notes:

Hiring: Linux Distribution Developers!

Whonix has found a sponsor. Details will be announced later. We are hiring Linux Distribution Developers! – programming / scripting skills – Any or multiple of the following languages: linux shell scripting, python, C, C++, perhaps others – git Bonus,

Overview of Libre Software related Mobile Projects

Rough overview. Some notes. Please contribute to the overview. See:

RAM Encryption?

There is PrivateCore vCage. Couldn’t find much information at their website. Seems like a commercial product. Would wonder about the prices out of curiosity. Are there any other competition products? Or even Libre Software / Open Source ones? The closest

In Defense of The Intercept on the Reality Winner Case

All of the blame has unfairly been put on The Intercept for Reality Winner’s arrest to paint them as incompetent and scare away potential whistle-blowers. While yellow printer dots are one of the ways to trace the document to the

Beyond #Grsecurity: The Future of Linux security is Brighter than Ever

Those of us following security news have heard about grsec’s decision by now. If you are a current grsec sponsor reading this who doesn’t like their de-facto violation of kernel code licensing, I urge you to privately leak updated versions

Testers Wanted! Tor – Stable Upgrades

Tor was updated to in Whonix stable-proposed-updates as well as in testers repository. Instructions for changing Whonix repository: Then just do a update: likely compromised is a popular service provider among privacy and activist circles tweeted an obscure reference about birds which likely refers to their warrant canary that hasn’t been renewed since August. listen to the hummingbird, whose wings you cannot see, listen

Advanced Deanonymization Attacks

A number of advanced deanonymization attacks. These do not just apply to Whonix, but any anonymity system. Some are also general security issues. Rather than exploiting bugs in the hypervisor to break out, some of these attacks rely on the

corridor, a Tor traffic whitelisting gateway, a clearnet leak tester

After making the second step, posting how to use corridor, a Tor traffic whitelisting gateway with Qubes-Whonix, I will hereby do the first step, posting a general announcement of an interesting third party project, corridor. Please forget about Whonix for