Whonix VirtualBox – Testers Wanted!

RAM was increased from 768 MB RAM to 1024 MB RAM for Whonix-Workstation. For now it is temporary, but it may also be permanently depending on near time developments. Discussion ongoing. Please contribute if you can share ideas or code on how to reduce RAM usage.


Due to the mentioned RAM issue, Whonix-Workstation might freeze. In that case, increase VM RAM.

Download links can be found here:

Testers Wanted!

Release Notes:

Patrick started developing Whonix, the Anonymous Operating System in 2012, when quickly others joined efforts. He collected experiences working pseudonymous on Whonix for two years, enjoys collaboratively working on privacy preserving software.

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  1. Everything is good and connection works flawlessly. anon-cnnection wizard looks sexy. Thanks @iry!

    whonixcheck on GW complains that QEMU is unsupported although its KVM. So users might be needlessly alarmed.

    ERROR: Virtualizer qemu unsupported by Whonix developers! Whonixcheck aborted! (qubes_detected: false)
    Using Virtualizer qemu together with Whonix is recommended against, because it is rarely tested. [1] [2] [3]
    It could be made possible, but would require more Whonix contributors.
    It may already work, but is highly experimental.
    This might endanger your anonymity. Do not proceed unless you know what you are doing.
    If you wish to ignore this warning and to continue whonixcheck anyway, you can set
    in /etc/whonix.d/30_whonixcheck_default.conf.
    Recommended action:

    • Shut down.
    • Read Whonix documentation [4].
    • Use Whonix with a supported virtualizer or Physical Isolation [5].
  2. Hi team,

    I wanted to chime in and give user feedback on Whonix 14 as an end user. I’m using VirtualBox latest with the extension pack installed, if that helps to give my context.

    • Great to have 64-bit finally!

    • Yay for KDE 5! I hope this fixes many of the bugs and quirks from the old KDE 4 that I’ve lived with for years in Whonix…

    • It definitely seems snappier.

    • The .onion deb repo servers are cool. I appreciate that it’s slower to download things from it, but the bump in privacy and security is more than welcome. Updates are something of a background task anyway. However, for installing programs it certainly will be noticeable. Again though, it’s something I think most users will accept as worth it.

    • I got a weird KDE crash message upon booting up Workstation for the first time. I should have noted it down but it popped up at least twice at the graphical startup and then I successfully shutted it down via the KDE menu. I thought maybe I had to up to RAM, but saw it was already at 1024MB anyway. So I upped it to about 2.5GB of RAM (and also from 1 to 4 CPUs), booted up, but then got another error. It’s a KdeSudo error: “No command arguments supplied! …” Is it from whonixcheck GUI trying to launch? So, there’s that…it’s weird that Gateway didn’t have this error and gui whonixcheck is all fine in Gateway

    • Then in W-W I did a terminal whonixcheck, and in its output got this error: “[WARNING] [whonixcheck] Debian Package Update Check Result: Could not check for software updates! (Timeout reached.) (apt-get code: 124)”. Trying again, it hung on the apt-get check so I just terminated it early.

    • Then i did the usual apt-get updates. Result: fine. A few surprises though (little things seasoned users wouldn’t panic about but beginners would) made me want to test another updated version of whonix 14 though (after the above kdesudo thing is fixed) to make sure it’s perfect normal smoothness as in v13.

    • Where are the default desktop icons? Were they considered unnecessary from now on?

    I appreciate that this feedback isn’t of the most helpful dev-level type, I’m only a moderate level Linux user, but still I wanted to give some encouragement and cheer you on from the sidelines. I’m sure you need feedback from more user level anyway.

    Any word on when it’ll be released as stable? Is a lot more testing like this needed first? I’m happy to continue to test if you like. Maybe I’ll spend some good time in Whonix 14 just to check it out as a daily driver in order to do that.

    And is this the best thread for any bugs or problems I report (in my direct comparison to v13 stable)?


  3. That’s great, thanks. What I’ll do is go through various things I normally do in my Whonix 13, and just report in this thread any bugs I notice. Maybe they’ve already been reported, maybe not, but we can go from there.

    Then after that, I might take a look at testing ZeroNet and reporting back, as that interests me. And if that seemed easy enough, who knows, maybe after that other Next# things too.

    Happy to help out.

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