[Whonix-devel] (no subject)

O.O SmG019 at GMX.com
Wed Jan 8 23:21:26 CET 2014

Hello fellow Whonix users/developers,

My name is Sean. I am the most recent addition to the Whonix staff and
have thus far been working on PR related issues. As some of you may have
noticed the blog (http://anonymousoperatingsystem.wordpress.com/) has
been polished up a bit (Feedback is welcome). I also run the Diaspora
page for Whonix (https://pod.orkz.net/people/4dbe49fc24fc54d3). This is
probably all I will do in relation to social media because I am not a
fan of bigger networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

In the future I plan on helping with more technical issues but require a
degree of "training" (if this is the correct word) before I am able to
handle these tasks as I am less experienced in this arena.

Looking forward to getting to know the rest of the community,


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