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Thu Mar 20 17:18:29 CET 2014

Your impact will involve:
- communication with funds, getting founding for Whonix, keeping in touch with funds
- improving documentation, fixing language, reorganization, documentation of new features, creating screenshots, etc.
- user support, answering user questions about Whonix
- creating videos about Whonix
- coordination of translators
- generally working on project related tasks depending on your optional abilities
- speaking for Whonix in virtual places (mailing lists, social media, etc.)
- speaking for Whonix in public at conferences

Job description:
- no payment until we got founding for Whonix which includes founding for your own salary
- self employed
- needless to say, this can not be done anonymously

Mandatory requirements:
- very good English language skills

Bonus, non mandatory requirements:
- Have a history as Whonix contributor.
- Very good German language skills.
- Have experience with open-source software development, including working with distributed teams across different time-zones containing employees and volunteers of differing skill levels over multiple mediums, including email, instant messaging, and IRC.
- Have experience maintaining long-term software projects.
- shell scripting
- html, javascript, php, python, C, C++
- webapps (mediawiki, wordpress, smf)
- Being familiar with git.
- Have a history of advocating Free Software.
- Have a history of advocating privacy and anonymity.
- Other language skills.
- marketing
- computer law knowledge
- accounting / taxes knowledge

Other notes:
- Whonix has no office. You can work from wherever you want, in basically any country.
You'll need to be comfortable in this environment! We coordinate via IRC, Instant Messaging, email, phone and video chats, bug trackers and forum.
- Academic degrees are great, but not required if you have the right experience.
- We only write free and open source software, and we don't believe in software patents.

How to apply:
- Link to a sample of projects you've coordinated in the past that you're allowed to show us.
- Provide a CV explaining your background, experience, skills, and other relevant qualifications.
- List some people who can tell us more about you: these references could be employers or coworkers, open source projects, etc.
- Add your salary expectation.
- Add your availability.
- Add how many weekly hours you prefer.
- Email the above to Patrick Schleizer, adrelanos at riseup.net, specifying project coordinator position

License of this post:
- Whonix is produced independently of, with no guarantee from, The Tor Project.
- Some sentences taken from https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs-projectcoordinator.html.en http://www.webcitation.org/6ODZXBs6E license: https://www.torproject.org/docs/trademark-faq.html.en http://www.webcitation.org/6ODZWtaDD https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/ http://www.webcitation.org/6ODZWa8T5

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