[Whonix-devel] System Requirements

superuser at openmailbox.org superuser at openmailbox.org
Sun Nov 23 21:38:39 CET 2014

Hello & congrats to whonix development. I am 2 years now whonix user and 
that words is for  System Requirements , in that field in whonix 
document you must plus recomended ssd drive – that would speed up Whonix 
for 30-40% ( host must installed in that ) i was in the begining start 
use whonix in a system , but it was extremly slow when enabled shared 
folder  & make updates/upgrades , then i was buy cpu & motherboard that 
support virtualization & extended pages virtualization  & i was see 
increase the speed of whonix a lot , i was very happy after that , but 
after compared with tails in a usb with 16 mB read/32 Mb write speed , 
tails it was still notably faster , so i was think that i must go 
further & buy a ssd drive 120 gb , i was install debian for host inside 
that ssd & then import that exported  whonix vbox images,  honestly i 
notice a 30-40 % faster bootup in host & in whonix,
  my system it was with 2 gb ddr3 ram  & it was sufering still from lags 
compared ofcourse with a non  virtualized system , then i put 2 gb more 
ram , thats it my system it was & is until today just in cut-edge
tech for privacy & anonymity , i am very happy & i dont want to wake up 
one day trying to browse whonix.org but not able because people cant use 
it for slow performance & development stop it ,
i am watching youtube inside whonix , in the same speed of tails , and 
in fact more securely !
So you may plus in system requirements : (recommented : ssd drive , 4gb 
ram )
sory for my wrong dictionary , i am non english , not usa . Again 
congrats for whonix project ,

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