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Hello folks, I just want to introduce myself to the list as I intend
to be lurking for a while and thought it would be fair of me to
introduce myself quickly first.

My name is Rick and am currently studying Computer engineering -
security.  I was in computer science for 3 semesters (programming)
before switching to security.  

I am very passionate about free and open source.  My interests are in
low level programming (C, assembly) and networking (and securing
privacy).  I have a good deal of knowledge but to this point my
experience is more of the practice kind as opposed to the practical. 
I am working hard to take in all I can more from a low level
perspective than the high level.

I am hoping to eventually be able to support this project by
contributing my time.  I think this is a fantastic project and am
hoping to learn a lot but I do need to get more oriented.  I noticed a
lot of request for testers but very little on what and how would be
most useful as well as the best way to format results.  I hope to find
some documentation on that.

As I mentioned I will be reading this discussion and documentation as
well as testing out the product.  I would like to submit my name to
the developers on this board and pledge a few hours (maybe 3 to 6) a
week to start while I do this to anyone here who would care to
delegate some tasks to me.  I see there is a need for testers and
research.  I can do research and/or testing for instance and submit
semi formal results.   Anyway, if anyone cares to take me up on this
it would make me feel welcome and very happy.  If not I am also happy
to lurk and learn until I can find something useful to do.

Regarding the Gentoo port I was wondering if anyone has ever looked at
the Tin Hat Linux project.  They have a hardened Gentoo image with
what looks like some similar goals as Whonix.  It runs completely in
ram an looks very interesting.  Perhaps there is something to learn
from that project and maybe even be able to pick their brains.  Just a

Thank-you for reading this intro and please advise if you have any
tasks you think I can do taking in the range of 3 to 6 hours a week. 
These are not hard numbers but I want to be realistic.

Kind regards,
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