[Whonix-devel] The 'Libre' in Libre Software

Whonix | Privacy and Anonymity OS newblogpost at whonix.org
Wed Mar 11 00:37:55 CET 2015

For those of you using proprietary platforms, powerful privacy tools may be your first encounter with Libre Software. 

Unlike proprietary software, Libre Software is not some opaque mysterious blackbox, a shrink wrapped "product" or even a development process.

Libre Software is an evolving dialogue between  contributors and users, constantly improving and evolving to meet their needs and yours too if you participate in the discussion.

It is a community dedicated to protecting your inalienable human rights in a predatory, global corporate-government surveillance climate.

By its definition, Freedom cannot force itself on you or choose you, you must choose it. If you enjoy using Tor and Whonix I encourage you to try a GNU/Linux distro as your host OS.

(Anything but Ubuntu though. It saddens me to make an exception but their hostile actions against the community and user privacy make them untrustworthy)

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