[Whonix-devel] Bug#849321: RFP: AnnealMail -- Icedove pqcrypto add-on

bancfc at openmailbox.org bancfc at openmailbox.org
Sun Dec 25 13:38:46 CET 2016

Package: wnpp
X-Debbugs-CC: whonix-devel at whonix.org

* Package name: AnnealMail
     Version         : 2.0
     Upstream Author : Nick Doiron <ndoiron at mapmeld.com>
* URL               : https://github.com/annealmail/annealmail
* License         : MPLv2
     Programming Lang: JS
     Description  : Icedove plugin based on Enigmail for use with 
CodeCrypt - a post-quantum crypto suite

The goal of this plugin [1] is to integrate CodeCrypt pqcrypto 
ciphersuite (already packaged in Debian) with the popular Icedove mail 

Please consider packaging it before the Strecth freeze so its ready to 
roll out for our anonymity distro users on Whonix.

[1] https://annealmail.github.io/

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