[Whonix-devel] Modifying GTID sigs to counter tracking [resent]

Patrick Schleizer adrelanos at riseup.net
Sun Dec 25 18:27:00 CET 2016

Hi. That is a really great paper (A Passive Technique for Fingerprinting
Wireless Devices with Wired-side Observations).

In a different threat model where users are resisting tracking across
public wifi hotspots these techniques can be used effectively to
fingerprint them. When I read past work on directly identifying devices
wirelessly because of their unique emittance patterns, I advised privacy
conscious users to resort to newly purchased WiFi USB sticks to thwart
location tracking of their NICs. Can this strategy be used effectively
to change the signatures picked up by the GTID as to make a device
appear completely unique compared to former generated signatures for it?

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