[Whonix-devel] [Tails-dev] Persistent Tor start in Tails vs location aware Tor entry guards (LATEG)

bancfc at openmailbox.org bancfc at openmailbox.org
Mon Feb 8 05:38:24 CET 2016

On 2016-02-06 23:14, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> [can you please decide what mailing-list this discussion should happen
> on, and then we can stop cross-posting over 4 mailing-list?]
> I'm not sure I understand the problem you mean to raise, though.
> Can you please elaborate what problem you see if users do exactly this
> ("click through whatever hoops required to make the WiFi connect
> again", which I agree is very likely)?
> Thanks!
> Cheers,

The problems in LATEG/AdvGoalTracking go deep enough that TPO is 
investigating how to solve them in Tor's codebase: 

A wider effort to think about usability of the user facing part of this 
(is any at all) is good too.

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