[Whonix-devel] #17094 [Core Tor/Tor]: implicitly set 'UseBridges 1' when using 'Bridge [transport] IP:ORPort [fingerprint]'

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Sun Jun 12 11:04:20 CEST 2016

#17094: implicitly set 'UseBridges 1' when using 'Bridge [transport] IP:ORPort
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Comment (by arma):

 I could imagine a "UseBridges auto" default, which is a tristate that sets
 it to 1 if there are some bridge lines, and to 0 if there are no bridge

 Aside from the "different people want different behavior" issue in the
 comments above, another challenge we would have in changing the default
 behavior is that current people expect current behavior. For example,
 Debian users want to be able to upgrade their Tor and have their torrc
 file continue doing what they expect.

 So if we want to change this default, we will need a plausible path for
 mitigating this issue (perhaps like we did for the ExitRelay auto world in

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