[Whonix-devel] #20479 [Applications/Tor Browser]: make closing and restart of Tor Browser as good as New Identity

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Thu Oct 27 18:35:20 CEST 2016

#20479: make closing and restart of Tor Browser as good as New Identity
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 When using Tor Browser New Identity, it sends signal newnym and restarts
 the browser.

 Manually terminating the browser and restarting it however does not result
 in sending signal newnym.

 I would suggest to make make the shutdown / restart of Tor Browser as
 similar as it can get. I.e. when Tor Browser gets closed or started, why
 not send signal newnym?

 Are there any other differences between Tor Browser New Identity and Tor
 Browser restart that could be sorted out?

 This is specifically important for users that use system Tor, which
 includes Whonix [as well as Tails?]. Because there, Tor keeps running
 after Tor Browser was closed. Which leads to subtle differences (Tor
 circuit reuse across browser restarts for system Tor users).

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