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Subject: Re: Onionmail in Whonix
Date: 2017-01-19 18:53
 From: bancfc at openmailbox.org
To: gestione at onionmail.info

On 2017-01-19 15:23, gestione at onionmail.info wrote:
>> Hi I'm a Whonix dev (anonymity OS) and I am interested in including
> your software in our distro.
>> There are a few changes we'd need before its possible. Please update
> the packages for the upcoming Debian stable (Stretch).
>> When testing Onionmail I noticed it directly appends to /etc/tor/torrc
> (in the workstation). This btw is a Debian critical policy bug that
> would prevent the package from entering Debian.
>> Also it tries to use /etc/init.d/tor directly. Instead the proper and
> init system agnostic way is to use: service.
>> All Tor-centric apps like Onionshare and Ricochet IM are now designed
> to talk to Tor's python-stem controller and use the Tor ControlPort to
> create hidden services, that would make Whonix compatibility a lot 
> easier.

> The next version of OnionMail uses the control port directly and don't
> write any hidden service's private key.
> The current script was developed on debian wheezy and other 
> architecture
> like embedded devices. We will update the package in a week.

OK sounds great. Thanks for the update.

I misspoke Tor Browser and similar software have transitioned to control 
sockets deprecating ports.

>> Our efforts are also focused on bringing a better UX to less technical
> people and so we'd like to see Onionmail-wizard updated for our user 
> base.
> The Onionmail-wizard package is very old and experimental.
> The script to create a new user account in TAILS is no longer supprted
> because now TAILS don't use Claws mail.
> To use OnionMail as client user you need only Tor and a mail software
> that use POP3.
> We are working to the new version on OnionMail the version 1.9.7 and
> this is the roadmap:
> √ Remove all ugly code created by some github users.
> √ Implements the new version of hidden service key manager. The 
> server's
> key is store on OnionMail obscure disk.
> ■ Rebuild the package onionmail (OnionMail server).
> ■ Keep calm the "Furamide" feature.
> Now i update the package with Onionmail 1.8.X
> (OnionMail 1.8.X uses HiddenServiceDir and /etc/tor/torrc )
> The next version will uses only the ControlPort and will developed on
> February.

I see. Conceptually the Tor instance on Whonix runs in a separate VM 
(with a non-localhost address of course) from the workstation where 
onionmail client and email client is installed. Will onionmail be able 
to handle this assumption? We can work around that but it would be good 
if onionmail recognizes that - even the server part so we can document 
and encourage contributors to the onionmail network.

> I ask to the mes3hacklab to do a new generic wizard to user OnionMail 
> as
> user client with Claws mail.

Thanks. Could you please tell them to look into Icedove instead? We and 
TAILS use it instead because it supports the TorBirdy addon that does a 
bunch of privacy protection and security tweaks to the mail client.

> PS.:
> I can't find your PGP public key!

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