[Whonix-devel] [Tails-dev] Tails control port filter proxy in Whonix?

Patrick Schleizer patrick-mailinglists at whonix.org
Tue Jan 24 11:38:00 CET 2017

> Patrick Schleizer:
>> [override] will probably work for Whonix. Joy and me drafted a
>> plan.
>> In one sentence: We at Whonix invent a new a separate config
>> folder, parse it with a yml merger python script, and generate
>> another yml file that gets passed to tor-controlport-filter by
>> Tails.
> Ok. My understanding of this proposal is that you no longer need any
> sort of "filter rules merging" in tor-controlport-filter itself,
> correct? If so, great! :) 

I guess so, right.

Unless any of the Tails profiles use '*'? But in that case we might be
able to just config-package-dev displace the profile.

> Feel free to send a PR with your other
> changes applied to tor-controlport-filter in Tails Git!
> Otherwise
> I'll do it myself later this week.

Let's see who is faster. Can't say yet.

>> In more detail:
>> - We'll at Whonix invent /usr/lib/tor-controlport-filter-merger. -
>> And ship that as opt-in or in a separate package by Whonix. - (If
>> opt-in, we enable it in a separate Whonix package.)
>> - /etc/tor-controlport-filter.d -- We tell Whonix users to ignore
>> it. -- Internally used by /usr/lib/tor-controlport-filter . -- Will
>> contain --- tails-default-profies.yml (for the sake of sharing the
>> package
> But they are not useful in Whonix since they only work for loopback
> connections (i.e. only for applications running on the gateway, which
> should be nothing except for tor, essentially). Right?

Right. [And a rather minor point...: tor-arm [now nyx] is one that could
use a profile. Users tend to create screenshots of arm, so redacting any
IP addresses would be nice. Also terminal emulators such as konsole
might have bugs. By limiting what what tor-arm gets to see it might
prevent exploiting a bug in the terminal emulator. So hypothetically
speaking, you have a profile for tor-arm, we would probably use it as well.]

>> and perhaps we also benefit from a profile for arm/nyx)
> For the record, we'll remove Nyx/arm in Tails 2.10, due tomorrow. :)

Ah, I see. :)

>> --- 30_autogenerated.yml
>> - /etc/tor-controlport-filter-merger.d -- Will be used by Whonix
>> and its users -- 30_whonix_default.yml - will by shipped by Whonix
>> by default -- 40_onionshare.yml - user defined -- 40_ricochet.yml -
>> another user defined etc.
>> - /usr/lib/tor-controlport-filter-merger parses both, --
>> /etc/tor-controlport-filter-merger.d and --
>> /usr/local/etc/tor-controlport-filter-merger.d (for Qubes-Whonix) 
>> -- and creates /etc/tor-controlport-filter.d/30_autogenerated.yml
>> - Our tor-controlport-filter.service systemd service will in
>> essence look like this. --
>> ExecStartPre=/usr/lib/tor-controlport-filter-merger --
>> ExecStart=/usr/lib/tor-controlport-filter
>> Does that sound like that could work out?
> Yup, I don't see why this wouldn't work.



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