[Whonix-devel] [Install] for static systemd unit file?

Patrick Schleizer patrick-mailinglists at whonix.org
Wed Mar 1 21:51:00 CET 2017

Michael Biebl:
> Am 01.03.2017 um 21:35 schrieb Patrick Schleizer:
>> Hi!
>> TLDR:
>> How should the [Install] section for static systemd unit file look like?
> The obvious question is: why does this service need to be statically
> enabled?

Given the example... With this socket / service file combination, I
wouldn't know how to enable the service non-statically. In the current
implementation it looks to me right, and works.

I am still interested to do things the right way. Hence, I am asking
here for advice.

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