[Whonix-devel] transparent i2p integration

doesnt work doesnt.work at gmx.at
Mon Jul 9 23:54:54 CEST 2018


I'm working through the I2P-integration guide: https://github.com/mutedstorm/Whonix-I2P
Maybe someone here can help me as to the significance of some of the steps? I'm working on a debian-9 proxy (VM in QubesOS) with tor, NOT an actual whonix-distro!

What's the significance of disabling the outproxy? Isn't ipatbles dropping any outgoing request anyway?

The router.config sadly isn't documented by I2P. Though I'll ask those guys, maybe somebody here knows what's going and which setting does what?

I'm uncertain as to how to setup tor. Currently, I use tor with commandline-option --TransPort 9050; would that handle reseeding via SOCKS as well, or do I need to start Tor with --SocksPort set? (I guess Port 9050 is configured somewhere in whonix. Where?)

Since once this works, porting to whonix would be nice, how does whonix_firewall.d/* on the gateway work? I find documentation for WS-firewall, but noch GW.


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