[Whonix-devel] transparent i2p integration

Doesnt Work doesnt.work at gmx.at
Thu Jul 12 13:39:00 CEST 2018

Thank you, some config files where helpfully commented!
However, I couldn't figure out where the iptables commands are
specified. There is a lot going on I don't understand.
E.g. why are ports 4444,4445 and 7657 redirected? And why does tinyproxy
have to got through the transparent proxy?

# iptables -t nat -L
Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
DNAT udp [...] owner UID match tinyproxy ctstate NEW to:
DNAT tcp [...] owner UID match tinyproxy ctstate NEW to:

What am I breaking by using tinyproxy to contact I2P as upstream proxy?


> Hi GammaSQ!
> Thank you for working on i2p-Whonix!
>> I'm uncertain as to how to setup tor. Currently, I use tor with 
>> commandline-option --TransPort 9050; would that handle reseeding 
>> via SOCKS as well, or do I need to start Tor with --SocksPort set? 
>> (I guess Port 9050 is configured somewhere in whonix. Where?)
> To answer the question, you may find the output of anon-verify -v
> helpful to you in Whonix-Gateway (Whonix 14+):
> [...]
> Apart from the configuration files, Tor is started by systemd in Whonix
> 14 by default:
>> user at host:~$ grep -r -i "ExecStart=" 
>> /lib/systemd/system/tor at default.service ExecStart=/usr/bin/tor 
>> --defaults-torrc /usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc -f 
>> /etc/tor/torrc --RunAsDaemon 0
> Hope this will be helpful to you!
> Best Regards,
> iry

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