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Tue Feb 5 11:56:00 CET 2019

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Subject: 	[tor-talk] v3 Onion Services that host Mixmaster SMTP Nodes
Date: 	Tue, 5 Feb 2019 10:54:51 +0000
From: 	procmem <procmem at riseup.net>
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On 2/5/2019, grarpamp wrote:

> On 2/3/19, procmem wrote:
> >/Does anyone know of Mixmaster remailers that are hosted on v3 onions? /
> Search for and survey known remailers.
> Maybe some will offer it as result.
> >/The ones we currently have listed in Whonix are: /
> >/k54ids7luh523dbi.onion /
> down
Interesting, How could you tell?
> >/gbhpq7eihle4btsn.onion /
> up, and exists on clearnet
What node is this?
> >/v2 will be EOL at some point soon. /
> The mixmaster nodes that multihome with clearnet all
> exist publicly, thus they have no explicit need for v3
> anti hsdir trolling feature, or much else of v3, especially
> since you're supposd to PGP and crypto over any
> clearnet native protocols, such as email, anyways.
> Onion for mixmaster, regardless of v2 or v3, is useful
> simply for... the direct tor tunnel to server, and since many
> exits do not support email ports, and or the clearnet path
> is subject to smtp censorship.
This is precisely why we need them because direct clearnet access in
Whonix is not an option.
> There are *many* p2p v2 and v3 onion mail systems.
I'm not interested in webmail or s services where you need to register
to use. They are also a single point of surveillance/failure.
> v2 onions will not be going away or EOL anytime soon.
> In part due to needed features and capabilities of v2
> not being present in v3 or vN (some of which have
> recently again been noted on this list), and other tradeoffs
> acceptable to the knowledgeable user, including unwieldy
> string length of onion, etc. v3 is good and welcome
> improvement for those who need it. Yet it's really and properly
> ultimately up to the third party users and service operators as
> to which onion versions they elect to use, not Torproject Inc, et al.
> >/None of these have public pages that can inform users of upcoming />/changes or developments. /
> They don't have to. Unless you're a statist control freak
> who just has to know the human identity # behind every IP
> and service on the net.
That's not why I'm asking...

The point is, many of them have pinger stat pages and I was wondering if
there are some you know of that list an Onion as alternative access on
their project sites.

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