[Whonix-devel] Extra dialogs on Whonix 15 gateway first(?) start

Marek Marczykowski-Górecki marmarek at invisiblethingslab.com
Fri Jun 28 11:58:57 CEST 2019


On Whonix Gateway 15, on first boot I see several extra dialogs. All of
them, in order (offset in video[1]):
1. Anon Connection Wizard (expected, 0:09)
2. Tor Bootstrap Test (new, 0:32)
(here "Connected to tor" notification appears)
3. Checking Tor connection, ... (new, 0:35)
4. Whonixcheck output (new?, 0:46)

Is user supposed to wait until those actions are finished? If so, maybe
it should be part of "Anon Connection Wizard" then? Otherwise, extra
dialogs looks like intrusive UX, and I think it is a regression (similar
dialogs were present in some early Whonix-Qubes integration and were
hidden later).

I think they show only on first Whonix Gateway startup, so it isn't a
big deal. If they are intended and there is a good reason for them to
stay, I'll need to adjust OpenQA tests, because those intercepts focus
and breaks interaction with applications under it...

[1] https://openqa.qubes-os.org/tests/2800/file/video.ogv 

Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab
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