[Whonix-devel] MinEntropy Implications for Passphrase Strength

procmem at riseup.net procmem at riseup.net
Wed Nov 20 00:20:14 CET 2019

Hi Arnold. I came across a publication that claims minentropy is a more
accurate measure for passphrase strength than Shannon Entropy. The
Wikipedia article on the topic is complex and not really accessible for
people who want to learn about it.


* What is Minentropy and how does it impact Diceware passphrase strength?

* How do I calculate it?

I would appreciate a plain English explanation I can add to our
documentation. TIA.



PS. Before sending I found this link that somewhat helps:


Does this imply minentropy is only relevant in cases where passphrases
are formed from sources with non uniform distributions?

I have CC'd our ML so your reply can benefit our users.

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