[Whonix-devel] Retired security analyst looking to contribute

Ludovic F. Rembert ludovic at privacycanada.net
Fri Oct 4 07:57:39 CEST 2019


I hope you do not mind me contacting you directly, I was given this email
by a colleague. My name is Ludovic Rembert and I'm a technical writer
focused on network security and open source applications.

I'm writing to you today in the hopes of writing for Whonix. Is there an
option to contribute to the site? I'm not seeking employment nor
remuneration, only volunteer work.

In terms of my own credentials, my work has been featured on several
security publications, including Forbes, CNET, Ars Technica, and ZDNet.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


*Ludovic Rembert*
Head of Research
*Privacy Canada*
m: 514.228.9175
a: 640 N. Main St., STE 201, Ottawa, ON K1S 1C4
w: privacycanada.net  e: ludovic at privacycanada.net
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