[Whonix-devel] #19409 [Circumvention/Snowflake]: Make a deb of snowflake and get into Debian

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Mon Mar 16 17:31:27 CET 2020

#19409: Make a deb of snowflake and get into Debian
 Reporter:  adrelanos                |          Owner:  cohosh
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Comment (by cohosh):

 I've been looking into this a bit, and using the
 [https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/obfs4proxy obfs4proxy] package as a
 starting point.

 From what I can tell, the proper way to go about making debian packages of
 go applications is to also ensure that all of the go libraries the
 application depends on (those in `go.mod`) are also debian packages. See
 [https://go-team.pages.debian.net/packaging.html this resource] for info
 on making Go packages. This seems to be true for the obfs4proxy
 dependencies, but Snowflake has a much larger
 transports/snowflake.git/tree/go.sum chain of dependencies] at the moment.
 I don't think we'd need everything in `go.sum`, but probably most of them.

 Maybe there's a way to package it with some of the dependencies (using `go
 mod vendor`)?

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