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Why do you need anonymity?

As you are probably aware of, we currently find ourselves in a state of accelerated erosion of our freedoms and invasion of our privacy, with increasing levels of mass surveillance and repression all over the world (see this report from Privacy International).

Without taking any precautions, your Internet service provider, the State, the police, and global surveillance systems like ECHELON (which is not a conspiracy theory; see this report from the European Parliament) can record what you do online: what you read, what you write, and with whom you communicate.

This is possible since all messages sent over the Internet contain the IP addresses of both the sender and receiver, much like an ordinary mail sent through the postal system contains addresses of both sender and receiver for two-way communication. IP addresses can easily be traced back to the physical location of the computers and their owners, and from that ultimately back to you.

If you do not mind this fact, then more power to you, but if you do mind, then Whonix might be just what you need.

Moreover, just like with a postcard, any information traveling on the Internet can be read by the many computers that relay them.

The Tor Project prepared a page Who uses Tor in case you are interested.

Further reading on that topic:

Reasons to Stay Anonymous

A few examples...

Harassment on border:

Other reasons:

  • Staying out of press with real name.
  • Separating private, professional and project's activities.


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