If your apt version is or lower, you should upgrade using the following method. If you are already using apt version or higher, you can just do a regular upgrade.

To find our your current apt version.

dpkg-query --show apt

Should show something like this.


Update your package lists.

sudo apt-get update

Enable pipefail.

set -o pipefail

Check InRelease files for excessive line lengths. [1] [2]

wc -L "/var/lib/apt/lists/"*InRelease | awk '$1 > 1024 {print; exit 1}' ; echo $?

Should show exactly. [3]



forum discussion:


  1. Alternatively you could also run the following command.
    wc -L "/var/lib/apt/lists/"*InRelease
    Then look at the line lengths. No line should exceed a line length of 1024 characters.
  3. 0 is the exit code and in bash shell that means success.

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