Whonix Variants

Comparison of Different Whonix Variants[edit]

The security and usability of the Whonix platform is significantly affected by the hardware and virtualization configuration, and whether a Whonix-Custom-Workstation is created. Qubes-Whonix is currently recommended as providing the best combination of security and usability, although it has strict hardware requirements.

Virtualization and Hardware Configurations[edit]

Table: Whonix Platform Comparison

Name Number of systems Security Usability
Standard Binary Download host+VM+VM=3 Basic Easy to redistribute and install
Physical Isolation with Bare-metal Gateway host+VM+host=3 Equivalent to the standard binary download Difficult to install and for advanced users only
Physical Isolation with Virtualized Gateway host+VM+host+VM=4 Higher attack surface Easier to deploy. Four operating systems must be kept updated
Physical Isolation without any Virtualization host+host=2 Nearly the same as standard Physical Isolation. [1] Without virtual machines, there is no protection against hardware fingerprinting Difficult to install and for advanced users only
Qubes dom0+VM+VM=3 Better compartmentalization. See Why use Qubes over other Virtualizers? Best

Virtual machines can provide the following security-related features:

  • Network isolation: Connections can easily be forced through Tor.
  • Hardware isolation: Unique hardware serials can be hidden.
  • Roll back feature: Users can revert to clean and/or working snapshots.
  • Multi-level security: Multiple clones / VMs / DisposableVMs provide significant protection.

In comparison, live CDs provide:

  • Non-persistence: This increases safety in the event of a software compromise. [2]
  • Anti-forensics capability and plausible deniability: If the computer is powered down and RAM has faded or been wiped, remnants of critical information like encryption keys should be impossible to retrieve.
  • Update issues: It is difficult to roll out security updates and maintain a fully up-to-date system.

Operating System Configurations[edit]

Whonix provides multiple operating system options:

  • Debian stretch GNU/Linux: The Default-Download-Version is recommended for most users.
  • Other Operating Systems: Windows, FreeBSD, other GNU/Linux, and Android Custom-Whonix-Workstations are possible.

There is also a Hardened Gentoo-based Whonix-Gateway. This is not recommended as it is outdated, requires a maintainer, and is for experts only.

Security Comparison: Whonix-Download-Workstation vs. Whonix-Custom-Workstation[edit]

See Security Comparison: Whonix-Download-Workstation vs. Whonix-Custom-Workstation. Unless otherwise stated, the documentation and design refers to the Default-Download-Version.


  1. For further discussion of this issue, see: More or Less Protection inside a VM?
  2. Unless sophisticated and targeted malware manages to leverage the exploit, leading to a compromise of firmware or other persistent systems (like BIOS).

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