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Update Valid-Until field.


Upload repository to sourceforge.


Migrate from developers APT repository to testers APT repository.


Migrate from testers APT repository to jessie APT repository.


Manually add package to developers repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper includedeb developers ../Whonix/packages/*.deb

Copy package-name from developers to testers repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy testers developers package-name

Copy package-name from jessie-proposed-updates to jessie repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy jessie jessie-proposed-updates package-name

Migrate all packages matching apparmor-profile-* from jessie-proposed-updates to jessie repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copymatched jessie jessie-proposed-updates "apparmor-profile-*"


./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy testers developers "$pkg_name"
./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy jessie-proposed-updates testers "$pkg_name"
./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy jessie jessie-proposed-updates "$pkg_name"


We might need this for key transition:

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