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Current Situation[edit]


Whonix.org Site Security

This page talks about Whonix online hosting and (non-existing) testing infrastructure.

File Hosting[edit]

Hosted on whonix.org, downloadable using TLS.

Bug / Feature Request Tracker[edit]


(Works much better than github for a project at this scale.)

Testing infrastructure[edit]

  • CI build environment required.
  • Automated Test Suite [1] required.
  • whonixcheck


Whonix homepage backend[edit]


mediawiki advantages[edit]

  • community contribution friendly - flagged revisions - usable way to allow anonymous users to edit and to let admins review changes before these go live
  • seo - plugins provide good OpenGraph meta tags and meta settings (description, images)
  • wiki templates
  • footnotes
  • expand buttons
  • footer
  • mobile view
  • translate - theoretically
  • mediawiki markup text file backups (but are not easily importable)
  • short and detailed buttons (probably not unique to mediawiki)

mediawiki disadvantages[edit]

goals for new website[edit]

  • git based?
  • prose.io (example) compatible?
  • breadcrumbs navigation?
  • javascript free?
  • CMS free?
  • bootstrap based?
  • mobile friendly!
  • illustrative images!
  • quick page load times!
  • footer links (legal, imprint)!
  • seo!

See Also[edit]


  1. Port Tails Test Suite to Whonix or create a new one from scratch.

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