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The instruction are still in alpha phase meaning there might be errors that will cause the script to break.

Best way to get help is to make a thread in the forum.

Build Documentation[edit]


This page documents how to build Whonix 8 VirtualBox images.

Build prerequisites:

- working internet connection.

- system with Debian Stable (Wheezy) installed

- 25GB of free disk space

The focus here is to show the simplest way to build Whonix from source. Various security precautions such as GPG key verification are omitted.

Please read the full build documentation in order to understand the process better.

Preparing the system for build[edit]

## (host) login with "root"

## Add a new repository source if not already present
echo "deb wheezy main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

## Refresh package lists and upgrade
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y

## Install "sudo" and git if not already installed
apt-get install sudo git -y

## Add "user" to "sudo" group
addgroup user sudo

## Reboot the system to apply the changes
shutdown -r now

Building from source[edit]

## (host) login with "user"

#Get source code.
git clone

## Go into the git directory
cd Whonix

## Get a list of available git tags.
git tag

## Choose which version you want to build.
git checkout 8

VM Creation[edit]

It is recommended that you create a log of the build process by redirecting all the output to a log file. Be aware that by doing so no build progress will appear on the screen - instead a text log file will be created in your home folder.

Build a Whonix-Gateway virtual machine image.

sudo ./whonix_build --build --tor-gateway >> ~/log-gateway 2>&1

Build a Whonix-Workstation virtual machine image.

sudo ./whonix_build --build --tor-workstation >> ~/log-workstation 2>&1

The resulting .ova images can be found in ~/whonix_binary folder.

If don't want to create a log of the build process (the build progress will then appear on screen) use the following commands.

This is not recommended because if anything goes wrong during the build, it will be harder to pinpoint the exact error without the actual log file.

For Workstation

sudo ./whonix_build --build --tor-workstation 

For Gateway

sudo ./whonix_build --build --tor-gateway


After a few hours (depending on your disk speed, CPU clock rate, available download bandwidth, ...) the image (either Workstation or Gateway) will be created in ~/whonix_binary directory. This will take from 3 to 7 hours per image.

OVA image can now be used in VirtualBox.

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