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Firefox and Chromium Security[edit] [archive]

Chromium Doesnt give your Freedom of Modifications[edit]

Chromium doesnt has the easiness of about:config in Firefox for e.g if you want to disable certain TLS ciphers its not possible because its not there, This will force the users to only stick to whatever comes by default.

Chromium and Google API keys[edit]

Chromium uses API resides in google, only keys shipped within Debian/Chromium [1].

Someone suggested this [2]:

Why not modify chromium to read the api keys from a file, rather than

building them into the binary? The file could then be put in a separate package. If necessary in non-free.

This would have the additional benefit that those of us who want chromium to under no circumstances send every word we type and every website we visit to Google would no longer need to dig around in multiple prefereces dialogs to diable the multiple antifeatures enabled

by the keys.

Chromium Unknown Licenses with automated tool[edit]

Many of them comes with free software, but there is no indication all of them are [3]. (+10 years ticket)

Distribution of Adobe "Pepper" Flash Player proprietary plugin[edit]

Chromium comes with proprietary abilities within itself one of them is Adobe Flash Player [4].

Chromium reduced capabilities to plugin with adblocker[edit]

Ad blocking poses an existential threat to publishers and big sellers of digital ads like Google — which is reported to have lost as much as $US6.6 billion in revenue to ad blockers last year.

Now one former Googler is fighting back against the blockers.


The move has angered Chrome users beyond belief, with many vowing to switch browsers, and many setting their eyes on Firefox, whose developers have been working to transform and rebrand the former fan-favorite into a privacy-first product.

But Google's planned Manifest V3 changes are being added to the Chromium base, meaning they'll also likely impact other Chromium-based browsers as well.


Chromium: secretly stores referrer and URL for downloaded files[edit]

Can have impact on privacy and security [7], Bug was fixed later [8].

Chromium: unconditionally downloads binary blob[edit]

Nasty bug,Got fixed [9].

Questionable Chromium Privacy[edit]

Chromium privacy infrastructure is basically Google [10]:

"Additional Information on Chromium, Google Chrome, and Privacy Features that communicate with Google made available through the compilation of code in Chromium are subject to the Google Privacy Policy."

Google Chrome and (weird) DNS requests[edit]

This is part of chromium/chrome design [11] [12]:

When Chrome is started it will lookup domain names for previously opened web pages early in the startup process so if the user clicks on one of those links Chrome can connect to the target site immediately.

What Chromium features are removed for privacy/security reasons? (Done by Brave Browser)[edit]

- Disable google services in privacy settings #244 [archive]

- Disable Prediction Service - DNS prefetching #340 [archive]

- Disable Chrome Google URL Tracker #248 [archive]

- On startup disable connections to google domains #514 [archive]

- Disable chrome.webstore.install for inline extensions #614 [archive]

- Disable anchor ping attribute #764 [archive]

- Disabling getBattery | bluetooth | credential.get/store | navigator.usb apis #114 [archive]

- Disable network time tracker #792 [archive]

- Block ChromeMetadataSource network access #769 [archive]

- Remove repository from Linux packages #1078 [archive]

- Disabling metrics reporting; Updating ad-block deps to fix audit_deps error; Updating crypto deps to fix audit_deps error; #2029 [archive]

And Others you can check them here here [archive].

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