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Password Manager Comparison Table[edit]

The following table compares the features and status of three password managers that were suggested to be included in Whonix ™. Data was acquired in March, 2014.

TODO: add keepassxc

KeePass KeePassX Figaro's Password Manager 2
Homepage [archive] [archive] [archive]
Debian package [archive] [archive] [archive]
Latest version 2.25 [1] 2.0 Alpha 5 [2] 0.79 [3]
Debian version (stable / testing) 2.19 / 2.25 [4] 0.4.3 [5] 0.79 [6]
Used in other security-focused distributions No [7] Tails [8] Liberte Linux [9]
Libraries Mono 2.6 [10] Qt 4.3 [11] GTK2 [12]
Popularity contest statistics (rounded) 1750 [13] 4300 [14] 250 [15]
Download archive size (rounded) 7400 kB [16] 1150 kB [17] 150 kB [18]
Additional disk space needed (rounded) 22100 kB [19] 3150 kB [20] 550 kB [21]
Size installed (rounded) 2150 k [22] 3100 k [23] 500 k [24]
Block ciphers AES [25] AES or Twofish [26] AES [27]
Key size 256 bits [28] 256 bits [29] 256 bits [30]
Hashing SHA-256 [31] SHA-256 [32] SHA-256 [33]
Key file support Yes [34] Yes [35] Yes [36]
Password generator Yes [37] Yes [38] Yes [39]
Various 0.4.3 is no longer maintained [40] No longer in Debian stretch.


These are update notes on the password manager choices covered as of 2016:


Excluded options:

  • KeePass 2 use not recommended because of their hostile stance against user security. [41]
  • fpm2 was removed from Debian because its upstream development is dead.[42]

Forum Topic[edit] [archive]


fpm2 is installed by default.


Many thanks to Tails team for their discussion on the topic of password managers. [43]

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  16. apt-get install keepass2
  17. apt-get install keepassx
  18. apt-get install fpm2
  19. apt-get install keepass2
  20. apt-get install keepassx
  21. apt-get install fpm2
  22. apt-cache show keepass2
  23. apt-cache show keepassx
  24. apt-cache show fpm2
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  41. KeePass 2's reaction to a MITM bug report against its Update Check: 8.2.2016 @ 15:45: Received response from Dominik Reichl: The vulnerability will not be fixed. The indirect costs of switching to HTTPS (like lost advertisement revenue) make it a inviable solution. [archive]
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