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TODO: cooperation with Qubes OS TorVM

Are the project’s goals clear?

Are the projects goals realistically met by the proposed solution?

Is the proposed solution viable in the real world?

What will the project’s challenges be?

Does the project’s focus impact either high value users (people in greater danger) or is it for a large numbers of users?

Will the project be able to support itself by the requested funding, community sources, or other in-kind or indirect support?

Does the project demonstrate external demand (i.e., demand originated from potential users, not from would-be patrons of some possibly hypothetical set of users)?

Does the project articulate a measurable set of evaluation criteria and milestone metrics against results?

Does the project demonstrate a high degree of usability/accessibility?

Does the projects team posses the skills uniquely qualifying them to complete the proposed scope of work?

Team needs: project coordinator: communication with funds (status reports), support manger, community manager, all-rounder, english language fixes, preparation of wiki for translation web developer: improving Whonix ™ website (such as hiding currently online forum users by default, adding privacy friendly share buttons, fix css main page layout) gui developer programmer (javascript to extend torbutton [branding for whonix locale homepage]) consultant for usablity review

list the skill sets we need here

Will the project fill a potential need or function that is currently unfilled, rather than reinventing the wheel?

Does or should the project support a collaborative open community of developers?

How does the project facilitate inter-project collaboration, including: talking with others doing similar things and identifying potential points of overlap; acted/planned to modularize code to enable others to reuse?

Need to make sure we have a meeting with Tails and Tor at the begining or even NOW about how these projects will move forward.

What is the project’s plan for future development/implementation? Does this trajectory continue to support RFA’s mission/goals?

Do the project deliverables assist other RFA projects/goals beyond this one initiative? Yes they connect to TOR.

Does the project have a diversified funding/support stream (i.e., how dependent would the project be on RFA)?

Not currently, but interested in expanding this and applying for more grants.

Does the project team have a history of successful work related to the current initiative? Important

Does the project have a core team (leadership, developers, etc.) dedicated to this project, in particular? Yes

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Jobs in USA

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