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DO IT[edit]

  • just connected to the router by the router
  • netrunner based
  • port to KDE plasma
  • port to ARM - done:
  • optional: cross compile to ARM
  • produce image that can be flashed on the odroid
  • incoming port for VNC [password protected only]
  • incoming port for SSH
  • install yacy
  • install zeronet
  • yacy index only zeronet
  • no browser on the ondroid required
  • zeronet over Tor
  • yacy over Tor
  • yacy indexing zeronet
  • later feature: deactivate Tor
  • hardening
  • maybe later feature: contribute to the Tor networking by being a relay, but hard because requiring port forwarding

  • Tor Browser Bundle (yes, with Tor) installed on PC for anonymity
  • or usual browser installed on PC for connectivity

-→ accessing local web interfaces for zeronet / yacy

third party tasks[edit]

whom what ticket status
blue systems / zeronet get zeronet Debian package into Debian repository ?
zeronet do not show "PORT: CLOSED" in the webinterface when file /usr/share/anon-dist/marker exists TODO create ticket
zeronet zeronet: audit torrent implementation for IP leaks ?
zeronet /etc/zeronet.d TODO create ticket
yacy socks proxy support ?
yacy /etc/yacy.d TODO create ticket
yacy zeronet aware, capable of using zeronet TODO create ticket

repositories to be used[edit]

  • debian repo
  • torproject repo
  • yacy repo
  • zeronet install from netrunner repo
  • plasma install from netrunner repo

DO NOT[edit]

  • no iceweasel / Tor Browser installed due to resource issues on the odroid
  • yacy freeworld indexing NOT indexing
  • no torifying middle box [but that would work out of the box]



  • odroid reboot button?
  • odroid case?
  • bridges stuff
  • RTC functional?
  • default ssh security?
    • default onion and password? → not prestart the odroid → avoid keeping records that could get lost → not possible
    • reachable in local network by default only


  • reboot not functional: acpi
  • not use first boot click me
  • first boot click: script (to resize the disk → automate → then reboot)
  • not using debian security repository
  • sid not great, need jessie [not stable]
  • disable power saving monitor off?
  • remove avahi
  • remove cups
  • remove networkmanager
  • remove openssh-server (?)
  • package zeronet
  • install zeronet
  • install yacy
  • install tor
  • install tor-arm
  • sid related bug most likely
  • disable AppArmor in /lib/systemd/system/tor@default
  • systemctl daemon-reload
  • service tor restart
  • switch to ifupdown
  • create a package whonix-gw-network-conf to set up static networking and to fulfill dependency?


  • systemtl units-list

how to[edit]

  • git clone
  • git submodule update --init --recursive
  • install devscripts build-essential faketime ruby-ronn config-package-dev
  • /etc/network/interfaces.d/config-file
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

have it listen on
  • tor-service-defaults-torrc delete 2 sections, delete workstation socks dns trans port sections
  • static ip config / magic IP
  • install python-stem
  • install kwrite
  • install genmkfile
  • install helper-scripts
  • install anon-base-files
  • install anon-gw-base-files
  • install anon-gw-anonymizer
  • /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/50_user.conf DisableNetwork 0
  • sudo make install whonix-gw-firewall (dependency issue)
  • sudo debian/whonix-gw-firewall.postinst configure
  • /etc/whonix_firewall.d/40_zerobox.conf

     NON_TOR_GATEWAY="\ \ \ \ \ \



sudo torsocks apt-get install bash-completion

misc[edit] (ZeroNet devs explain security concerns) (Switch to next-gen onion services)

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