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Varnish Cheat Sheet[edit]

For Varnish 4.

Show most requested URLs from backend[edit]

varnishtop -i BereqURL

Show specific requested URLs from backend[edit]

varnishlog -q 'BereqURL ~ "^/forum/Themes/default/scripts/"

Show requests for single URL[edit]

varnishlog -q 'ReqURL ~ "^/wiki/Translatetest"'

Show backend responses[edit]

varnishlog -g request -q "RespStatus eq 503"
varnishlog -g request -q "BerespStatus eq 503"

HTTP Purges[edit]

curl -X "PURGE / HTTP/1.0"
or: curl --head -X "PURGE / HTTP/1.0"
check (Resets Age in http header to 0.): curl --head

Show HTTP requests[edit]

varnishlog -q "ReqMethod eq PURGE"

Show HTTP purges[edit]

varnishlog -q "VCL_return eq purge"

Ban single URL[edit]

varnishadm 'ban req.url ~ "/adrelanos.asc"'
varnishadm 'ban req.url ~ "/wiki/Translatetest"'

Ban all URLs[edit]

varnishadm 'ban req.url ~ "."'

Show how many connections are currently open[edit]

netstat -anp | grep :443 | grep ESTABLISHED | wc -l

wordpress Total Cache varnish setup[edit]

wordpress -> Performance (on the side) -> General Settings -> Reverse Proxy run in shell: varnishlog -q "VCL_return eq purge"
test: wordpress -> Performance (at the top) -> empty all cache

list of all variables such as client.ip[edit]

default built-in vcl[edit]

Show nuked items[edit]

Elements that have been removed from cache due to lack of memory.

varnishstat -1 -f MAIN.n_lru_nuked[edit]


## Patrick: changed from
## -s malloc,256m
## to
## -s malloc,8G

varnish advantages[edit]

Feature Requests[edit]


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