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Overview of Libre Software related Mobile Projects




Librem 5[edit]

  • Successfully crowdfunded, will be delivered (stage: pre-order)
  • PureOS, based on Debian and others
  • Hardware: Librem 5
  • https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5


  • Previously called Cyanogenmod
  • No google services installed by default (good for privacy and security).
  • Google services can be optionally installed as an add-on
  • Hardware: after market firmware for loads of devices, including Fairphone and OnePlus
  • https://lineageos.org


  • Reanimated
  • Open platform (OpenPhoenux GTA04) in tradition of Openmoko
  • Hardware: Neo900
  • https://neo900.org


  • Not all Libre Software by default but software modifications permitted
    • Hardware that grants users the "right to flash"
    • (Root and custom ROM allowed without voiding warranty)
  • Hardware: OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, 5T (current models)
  • https://oneplus.net


Plasma Mobile[edit]

  • By KDE
  • Not security focused at all at this stage?
  • Builds based on Kubuntu and Archlinux
  • Hardware: Google Nexus 5, 5X
  • https://plasma-mobile.org


  • Very early stage of development
  • Linux distro (based on Alpine Linux) on the phone
  • Hardware: many devices, including Google Nexus models and Fairphone 2
  • https://postmarketos.org


Ubuntu Touch[edit]

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