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  • 1 USD - Access to patron-only Activity Feed
  • 2 USD - Connect with other patrons
  • 5 USD - Join the Monthly Livestream
  • 10 USD - priority support - questions on patreon get answered before questions in
  • 15 USD - Livestream Chat Access
  • 20 USD - attribution by name
  • 30 USD - Vote on Features
  • 100 USD - Personalized Video Guide (maximum set to 5, can be adjusted later)
  • 500 USD - advertisement on (maximum 2)

  • 10 USD - stikers / butttons [needs dedicated patreon maintainer]
  • 25 USD - tshirts [needs dedicated patreon maintainer]
  • xx USD Whonix ™ bootable USB drive, YubiKey or so [needs dedicated patreon maintainer] [needs development work]

  • 40 USD - instant messenger support group (jabber or textsecure?)
  • 40 USD - monthly voice conference call (skype or any better app)
  • 100 USD - private instant messenger / e-mail support (max. requests per month ?)
  • 100 USD - monthly voice conference call (skype or any better app)
  • 200 USD - monthly 60 minutes private call (any questions anonymity, security, linux, general computing)
  • 250 USD - monthly 60 minutes remote desktop support
  • 2000 USD - group meeting once per year for a full day in Europe
  • 3000 USD - private meeting year for a full day in Europe

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