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  • Default MediaWiki Link Creation
    • clearnet → automatically adding link to web archive
    • onion → no extraneous onion archive link
      • Syntax:
        [http://www.w5j6stm77zs6652pgsij4awcjeel3eco7kvipheu6mtr623eyyehj4yd.onion Kicksecure Homepage]
      • Example: Kicksecure Homepage
    • link to web archive → no extraneous archive link
      • Syntax:
        [ this link]
      • Example: this link
  • Technical Background:
    • This is not based on any wiki template.
    • This is thanks to link-to-archive MediaWiki Extension.
    • The simple way for wiki editors to write most links.
  • clearnet + archive + onion
    • Syntax:
      {{Archive_link|url=|text=Kicksecure Homepage|onion=http://www.w5j6stm77zs6652pgsij4awcjeel3eco7kvipheu6mtr623eyyehj4yd.onion}}
    • Example: Kicksecure Homepage
  • clearnet + archive (No Onion)
    • Syntax:
      {{Archive_link|url=|text=Kicksecure Homepage}}
    • Example: Kicksecure Homepage
    • Same as Default MediaWiki Link Creation.
    • In this case, Default MediaWiki Link Creation might be simpler.
  • Archived Only - In case live version is permanently unavailable.
    • {{Archive_link|url=|archive=copy|text=Kicksecure Homepage (Archived)}}
    • Example: Kicksecure Homepage (Archived)
  • No Archive - In case archived link would be too long, inappropriate.
    • {{Archive_link|url=|text=Kicksecure Homepage|archive=none}}
    • Example: Kicksecure Homepage
  • Technical Background:
    • This is not based on wiki template archive_link. (Source code documentation under Dev/mediawiki.)
    • No MediaWiki extension is involved.
    • This is for special links, i.e. links which might be archived only (no more clearnet version available), onion only (no clearnet version available) or for links which should not automatically add a link to the web archive in special places (header, footer) for stylistic reasons.

CodeSelect with pipes[edit]



rather than


Or simply have a look at the mediawiki markup for the following example.

Exec=cat file | grep something

related: CodeSelect implementation source code documentation

pre tag with white spaces[edit]

Try making the opening tag

<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">

instead of normal pre>.

Example with pre-wrap:

   leading white space example

Example without pre-wrap:

   leading white space example

Seems currently not required with the mediawiki skin used at time of writing.

There are a number of other wrapping/whitespace options if that doesn't work for what you need.

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