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这份文档是互联网匿名与安全性的速成教程。Whonix 是一种帮助匿名的手段,但匿名不仅仅是一个技术问题:没有任何工具可以让你完全安全!

匿名永远不是一件简单的事,其安全性取决于其最薄弱的环节 - 通常是人。你做的越多,你就会越安全。幸运的是,只要能够了解这些基本知识和注意事项,就可以做的很好。


获取 Whonix

Whonix 第一步






隧道支持/ 链接支持

All kinds of tunnels are possible and tested to work with Whonix. With Whonix you can route a connection through a VPN, SSH, or proxy before Tor, after Tor, or both.

Using Tunnels with Whonix

Replacing Tor with something is possible as well, although only for some combinations and networks. It's partially done but don't hold your breath for seeing those features finished, see Other Anonymizing Networks.




高级主题 - 平台支持

神奇的东西 (仅供高级用户)

Non-Qubes-Whonix specific



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Random News:

There are five different options for subscribing to Whonix source code changes.

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