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Kicksecure ™ is a free and open-source (non-anonymous) Linux distribution that aims to provide a highly secure computing environment. It has been developed from the ground up according to a formidable -- and time proven -- defense in-depth security design. In the default configuration, Kicksecure ™ provides superior layered defenses of protection from many types of Malware.

Kicksecure ™ is a complete desktop operating system designed to be run in a virtual machine (VM) on top of the host operating system [archive]. This configuration leverages the security benefits gained from running an operating system in a virtual environment while also allowing cross-platform compatibility with popular operating systems. Numerous applications come pre-installed with safe defaults which can be used immediately upon installation with minimal user input.


Usability by Default[edit]

While developed with security-focused design goals, Kicksecure ™ remains highly flexible. The layered approach to security allows applications to retain usability. Kicksecure ™ can be used for everyday "general-purpose computing" or for more risky activities that require a highly advanced security-centric platform. Since Kicksecure ™ is Freedom Software users may install any application of their choosing -- no restrictions are placed on how Kicksecure ™ can be used, customized or modified.

Based on Debian[edit]

In simple terms, Kicksecure ™ is a collection of configuration files and scripts. Based on Debian, anything possible in "vanilla" Debian GNU/Linux can be replicated in Kicksecure ™. Likewise, most problems and questions can be solved in the same way. For example, "How do I install OpenVPN in Kicksecure ™?" would be answered with "The same way as in Debian; apt-get install openvpn".

Based on Freedom Software[edit]

Many people wonder why developers would spend countless hours of their own time to build an operating system and then give it away. Kicksecure ™ developers believe it is immoral to benefit from those Free [archive] / Freedom Software components and give back nothing to the community. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Kicksecure ™ and many other Libre software projects are only made possible because people invested time in writing code and kept it accessible for the public's benefit. Of course, a lot of us just find it great fun.


Kicksecure Version[edit]

Each Kicksecure ™ release is based on a particular version of Debian:

Kicksecure ™ version Debian Version Debian Codename
Kicksecure ™ 15 10 buster [archive]

Release Schedule[edit]

Kicksecure ™ does not have a fixed release schedule. A new stable release only becomes available when it is deemed ready.

Support Schedule[edit]

Table: Kicksecure ™ Support Schedule

Release Description
New Debian Release One month after a new stable version of Debian is released, Kicksecure ™ VMs may no longer be supported on any older version of Debian. All users must upgrade the Debian platform promptly after the deprecation notice in order to use Kicksecure ™ safely.
New Kicksecure ™ Release One month after a new stable version of Kicksecure ™ is released, older versions will no longer be supported. All users must upgrade the Kicksecure ™ platform promptly in order to remain safe.
Deprecation Notices The deprecation notice is provided at least one month in advance and posted in the news forum [archive]. Stay Tuned! All users must upgrade the respective platform promptly in order to remain safe.


Is Kicksecure an Anonymity Distribution like Whonix?[edit]

While Kicksecure ™ and Whonix ™ share the website, Kicksecure ™ is a security-focused operating system not a security and anonymity-focused operating system like Whonix ™. Kicksecure ™ may be hosted on its own URL once a sizable user population emerges and/or additional resources become available for development.

Table: Kicksecure ™ vs. Whonix ™ Comparison

Kicksecure ™ Whonix ™
Based On Debian [1] Tor, Kicksecure ™ and Virtualizer [2]
Security Focus Yes [3] Yes [4]
Online Anonymity Maybe [5] Yes [6]
Freedom Software 100% 100%
Usability High [7] Moderate [8]

What's Next?[edit]

Learning more about Kicksecure ™ will allow you to leverage the numerous security enhancements to their fullest potential.


  • Warning page
  • Features and Advantages
  • Finalize the FAQ
  • Installation Guidelines


  1. And Virtualizer when run inside VM. At the time of writing (November 2019), Kicksecure ™ is supported in VirtualBox and KVM with and Qubes support is expected in the future.
  2. Whonix-Workstation ™: Other operating systems are also supported. With respect to Whonix-Gateway ™, developers are agnostic about supporting any other secure distributions. Of course another operating system could be used as the base, but it requires significant effort.
  3. By design.
  4. By design. Whonix ™ is an security AND anonymity focused operating system based on Kicksecure ™.
  5. With Tor Browser installed. It can also be used as a custom Whonix-Workstation ™.
  6. Anonymity by design.
  7. Usability by design.
  8. Based on Tor which increases complexity and can decrease usability in some areas. (Anonymity vs. Usability trade-off).

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