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Kicksecure ™ is a hardened operating system designed to be resistant to viruses and malicious code. Based on hardened Debian in accordance with an advanced multi-layer defense model. Kicksecure ™ provides protection from many types of malware in its default configuration with no customizations required.

Multi-layered hardening enhancements provides security in-depth by default.

Kicksecure ™ provides usability by default. This means Kicksecure ™ can be used as an everyday multipurpose operating system.

Popular applications come pre-installed and configured with safe defaults to make them ready for use right out of the box.

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Sensitive user data is protected by state-of-the-art cryptographic tools.

  1. For example; kernel hardening, strong linux user account separation and numerous misc security settings
  2. DNS spoofing results in traffic being diverted to the attacker's computer (or any other computer)
  3. This is a security-focused general purpose memory allocator providing the malloc API along with various extensions. It provides substantial hardening against heap corruption vulnerabilities.
  4. Currently only helps using shared folders with VirtualBox. Other virtualizers -- such as KVM shared folder setup -- might be possible in the future
  5. See when Full Disk Encryption can -- and can not --protect your data.